Madarihat, Dooars

Madarihat - Tour and Travel Guide

Madarihat- Located 80km from Jalpaiguri, Madarihat is a small town located in the Alipurduar District. Madarihat is situated in the vicinity of Jaldapara National Park which is famous for its population of Indian rhinoceros. It is a national park situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayan along the bank of River Torsa. Madarihat is an important tourist hub due to close proximity to the Jaldapara National Park and since the town acts as a base for many tourists who want to explore Jaldapara National Park.

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Madarihat Sightseeing Attractions

Surrounded by the lush tea garden, tropical forest, hilly region, and small cascading streams Madarihat is blessed with its own astounding sights travelers visit this town not only for acting as the base for Jaldapara National Park but also for the amazing and beautiful landscape which Madarihat offers to its visitors. Lying on the National Highway 31C, Madarihat is well connected with the road and the railway line of Madarihat is connected with the New Jalpaiguri making Madarihat easily accessible to all wilderness explorers.

Madarihat not only acts as a base for the wilderness exploration in Jaldapara National Park but also for many other places nearby Madarihat like Chilapata forest which acts like an elephant corridor between Jaldapara and Buxa forest, Phuentsholing where you can see the crocodile in Amo chuu the crocodile breeding center, Totopara the only place where you can interact with the tribal people Toto in the whole world and Buxa which is rich in bio-diversity and has a great collection of rare orchids and medicinal plants can be visited easily from Madarihat. It is also famous for its wooden furniture.

You will not remember the day spend in your office, exploring the wild side of Dooars while enjoying the serene ambiance and astounding view from the small town located at the outskirt of the Jaldapara National Park. Spotting the wild animal during jungle safari and returning to Madarihat for a relaxing evening while feasting your eyes on the awe-inspiring sight of the lofty mountain and tea gardens surrounding this picturesque town. You can see the harmony between nature and mankind in Madarihat which cannot be found in a rambunctious city. Madarihat is sure to charm you with its unique harmony.

How to Get to Madarihat

By Air: Bagdogra Airport is the closest one to Madarihat. The approximate distance between them is not more than 140 km if you are going via NH 17. As Madarihat does not have an airport, you have to first land at Bagdogra Airport, and from there a rented car will help you finally reach Madarihat.

By Train: Madarihat has its own railway station. Hence, you can board a train to this railway station from most of the nearby. North Bengal's major railway station NJP is a 115 km distance away.

By Road: Madarihat is well connected with the entire major nearby cities. The distance from Siliguri to Madarihat is around 130 km. Other nearby destinations includes Birpara, Malbazar, Dhupguri, Lataguri, etc. From Siliguri, it would take not more than 3 hours to reach the village.

Madarihat Forest Bungalow and Hotel Information

In Madarihat, there is more than one Government resort namely Aranya Tourism property (Previously Jaldapara Tourist Lodge), Hollong Eco Village Resort, and Hollong Tourist Lodge. Other than that, there are many private staying options such as hotels and home stays out here. These accommodations offer all the facilities guests required for a comfortable holiday experience. The amenities you would expect are air-conditioned rooms, free breakfast, room service, parking, onsite car rental, neat and clean rooms, etc. North Bengal Guide can help you arrange your stay at the finest accommodation available at Madarihat. In fact, our tour package includes accommodation with our well-planned itineraries.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Madarihat?

The beauty of Madarihat and its surrounding areas can be explored at any time of the year except 15th June to 15th September as the forest of Dooars remains closed during these months. However, if we talk about the best time to visit Madarihat, it is during the months of October, November, December, March as well as May. Throughout these months, the chance of sighting wild animals remains high and you will also be able to enjoy the thrilling Jeep and Elephant Safari.

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