Gorubathan is a small town in the Kalimpong Subdivision of Darjeeling District. The place is about 97 km From Kalimpong town and about 54km from Siliguri.

The name has it origin in weekly village market (hat) which is organized here on every Monday (Sombar). Gorubathan is situated on the east bank of the Neora River. There is a ruin of a fort known as Dalim fort situated on top of the hill surrounding Gorubathan. It is known for its beautiful landscape with Neora River, mountains and forests, which attracts a lot of tourists.

The attractive location of the place has attracted a lot of tourism attention. Local Consorto club has taken efforts to promote Gorubathan as a tourist destination. Some private accommodations are also been set up in their active collaboration. The forest department is also working on major projects to promote tourism at Gorubathan. Presently the only decent accommodation available at Gorubathan is the forest department bungalow of WBFDC.