Chilapata, Dooars

Chilapata Forest - Complete Tour and Travel Guide

Located 28km from Alipurduar, Chilapata is a dense jungle near the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary at Jalpaiguri District in the middle of Eastern Dooars. Chilapata jungle is well spread out along the banks of Bania and Torsha rivers that bring in the fresh monsoon alluvial, thus supporting and protecting the grassland ecosystem and the astounding diversity of flora and fauna of the park. Chilapata was once infamous for dacoits, but now it is safe and a popular destination for tourists.

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Flora and Fauna of Chilapata Forest

Chilapata forms an elephant corridor from Jaldapara National Park to Buxa Tiger Reserve. Chilapata is the home of elephants, bison, cheetal, sambar, deer, one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, and wild pigs. Besides that, more than 20 species of snakes are found in Chilapata and it is also famous for the large variety of butterflies found here. The watchtower in the Chilapata like Kunki along the river Torsha lets you spot the wild elephant, Bison, and one-horned Rhino and even watch the unparalleled view of the Chilapata forest. Chilapata is also a birding paradise as it hosts plethora of beautiful birds like shikara, crested eagle, partridge, pied hornbill, fishing eagle, Bengal florican, jungle fowl and more.

What to See and Do

Apart from attracting the nature lover through its mystical charisma, the remains of the Nalraja Garh, or the fort of the Nal Kings built in the Gupta period in the 5th century CE also known as the Golden Era of India have caught the interest of many archeologists lured them in the Chilapata jungle. While exploring this site one can encounter the "Ram Guna Tree", the tree which bleeds. There is a myth that some loyal guards of the fort were transformed into trees while the fort was getting destroyed and to date, they are still guarding the remains of the fort. The surrounding formidable ambiance of the ruined fort is highly enjoyable for the tourists. Dwell in the remains of the Nal King's fort and learn more about the story behind the bleeding tree or indulge in the boating at Bania River while listening to the alluring sound of the flowing river and watching the awe-inspiring sight of the Chilapata. Chilapata is a place for people who love to be amidst nature and blend into nature while learning more about historical events. Chilapata is a place to bust all the stress of the urban lifestyle.

Chilapata Forest Safari Booking

Visitors can go for a Jungle safari in the forest of Chilapata. The thrilling Safari of Chilapata lasts for around 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are only 4 shifts available in a day. The timings of these shifts differ depending on the seasons. During the months of summer (1st March to 30th November), the first trip starts quite early at around 5:00 am and the last trip of the day ends at around 5:30 pm. However, during the months of winter (December to February), the first trip starts at around 6:00 am and the last trip of the day ends at around 5:00 pm. Being the natural habitat of bison, deer, chital, sambar deer, hog deer, barking deer, more than 180 species of birds, a plethora of butterflies, and 22 species of snakes, you will be able to spot some of them during your jungle safari.

Hotels, Home stays, and Resorts in Chilapata Forest

There are several accommodations available to stay in and around Chilapata. Located in the close vicinity of Chilpata Forest, there are many resorts offering quality services to their guests. Most of the amenities you require for a comfortable night's stay will be offered such as parking, breakfast, WiFi, room service, front desk, full-service laundry, attached western bathrooms, air-conditioned neat and clean rooms, and more. Homestays are the other mode of accommodation available in the region to stay. At a budget price, you will be getting all the basic amenities you require.

Getting There

By Air: The closest airport to Chilapata is Bagdogra Airport. The approximate distance from Bagdogra Airport to Chilapata is around 150 km. From the airport, you need to rent a car.

By Train: The nearest railway station to this forest is New Alipurduar Junction at a distance of around 40 km. The approximate distance from Chilapata's major railway station (New Jalpaiguri Junction) is approximately 140 km. From the railway station, private cars are available to hire to Chilapata Forest.

By Road: The connectivity of Chilapata with nearby cities via road is quite good. Siliguri, which is a major nearby city, is approximately 150 km driving distance away. A rented car will help you reach the forest from Siliguri within 4 hours.

Best Time to Visit Chilapata Forest

There is a different charm in each season to relish in Chilapata but the best time to visit Chilapata forest is during March-April when the chances of spotting one-horned rhinoceros are greater apart from monsoon season when the forest remains closed (15th June to 15th September). However, expect for the monsoon season, you can go for a Chilapata tour at any time of the year as Dooars never loses its beauty no matter when you travel to this splendid destination. So, why are you waiting? Plan your Chilapata tour with us to get excellent amenities at a pocket-friendly price.

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