Neora Valley National Park, Kalimpong

Neora Valley National Park Complete Travel Guide

Neora Valley National Park - Founded in the year 1986 at an elevation of 3200 meters above sea level, Neora Valley National Park is one of the last remaining hill forests of the Eastern Himalayas. Sprawled at an area of 88sq km Neora Valley National Park is the Covering an area of 88sq km, Neora Valley National Park is located in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district a journey of 3 hrs from Kalimpong to Neora Valley National Park. The land of elegant Red Panda in the pristine undisturbed natural habitat with rugged inaccessible hilly terrain and rich diverse flora and fauna together make the park an important wilderness zone. The rich biodiversity of the Neora Valley National Park has spiked the interest of many nature lovers.

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Flora and Fauna of Neora Valley National park

Neora Valley National Park enjoys the distinction of being situated over one of the oldest Reserve Forest in India. Bestowed with rich flora and fauna that sometimes even sunlight finds it hard to touch the ground along with the breathtaking pictorial sight of the adjacent valley, Neora Valley National Park has become a safe haven for wildlife explorers and nature lovers. Apart from being rich in flora and fauna, Neora Valley National Park is also bestowed with a moderate climate that favors the growth of avifauna making it a home of over 265 species of birds like Pheasants, Cuckoos, Minivet, Flycatchers, Maynas, Orioles, Owls, Parakeets, Partridges, Sunbirds, Swallows, Swifts and Woodpeckers making it a bird watcher paradise.

Travelers had been captivated by the alluring chirping of birds and enchanting colorful plumage display. Nature has bestowed Neora Valley with a broad medley of butterflies, which provide a grand feast to the eyes with their ingrained splendor. Kaiser-I-Hind and Krishna Peacock are amongst the most attractive butterflies found here. Travelers get to feast their eyes on the vibrant color riot of the different orchids while exploring the less trodden road of Neora Valley National Park.

Neora Valley National Park Entry Time, Permit, and Cost

Neora Valley National Park opens at around 9 am in the morning and closes at around 4 pm. However, on Sunday, it closes at 12 noon. In order to enter the park, travelers need an entry permit. The permit can be obtained from Lava as well as Samsing early in the morning. If you are staying at Kolakham, you have to get back to Lava for the permit and then again return back. Please, don't forget to bring any government IDs such as Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter Id, etc. The ticket price or the permit fee is around 130 rupees for the Indian Nationals and 500 rupees for the foreigners. If you opt for Jeep Safari, it will cost you around 1500 rupees for a jeep. You have to pay vehicle entry as well as a guide fee too. The cost will be rupees 400 and 300 respectively. (Please keep in mind that the mentioned prices here are subject to change).

Ideal Time for Neora Valley National Park Tour

Due to heavy rains, the park will be closed to visitors from June 15 to September 16. Expect for the season of Monsoon, the park is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. If you are into bird watching, the months of March and April are the best time to visit the park. It is the season of spring when the orchids and other flowers blossom. The visibility of these unique bird species is substantially higher throughout these months. For a clear view of the mountains (Kanchenjunga and the other Himalayan peaks) and pleasant weather, October to January is considered to be a great time.

How to Reach Neora Valley National Park

By Flight: Bagdogra Airport is the closest airport to this park. It is not difficult to find flights to Bagdogra from the other parts of India as it is nicely connected. To get to this, National Park from Bagdogra Aiport, you can rent a car. The distance between Bagdogra Aiport and the park is around 115 kilometers.

By Train: New Jalpaiguri Junction which is shortly known as NJP is the closest station. This station is well-known and well-connected with the other major railway stations. You can easily get trains to New Jalpaiguri Station from major Indian cities. You will have little trouble renting a car from NJP to get to Lava. Alternatively, you can use a public bus to get there. The distance between New Jalpaiguri Junction and Neora Valley National Park is approximately 104 kilometers.

By Road: From any nearby major cities such as Cooch Behar, Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, and also Kolkata, you will be able to rent a car. In short, you can easily rent a car from any location in North Bengal in order to reach this forest. From Siliguri, the approximate distance of Neora Valley National Park is 105 km via NH717A and around 113 km via NH 717A and Gajol Doba Rd.

Neora Valley National Park Hotel and Resort

Near this National Park, in Lava as well as Kolakham, there are lots of accommodation options available to stay. The homestays in these locations provide all the basic amenities guests usually require for a comfortable night's stay. The view of Kanchenjunga is quite clear no matter which homestay you live in. Neora Valley Jungle Camp is one of the finest resorts to stay in Kolaham. The five fully furnished wooden cottages come with spacious rooms. They also have attached western bathrooms with fitted geysers. There are also room heaters to use in the winter. The foods offered here are made with organic ingredients sourced from local farms. You can get traditional meals of Nepali cuisine here. However, Continental and Indian dishes are also served on demand.

Blend in the nature while cuddling in the lap of Mother Nature at Neora Valley National Park where nature lovers get to catch the glimpse of heaven and learn more about the flora and fauna of the park at the Nature Interpretation center near Neora Valley National Park.

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