Bara Mangwa, Darjeeling

Bara Mangwa - Complete Tour and Travel Guide

Bara Mangwa is a quaint village located in the Darjeeling district, on the western side of the Kalimpong hills, in the Teesta Valley. It is a newfound destination that has hyped the interest of many travelers since Bara Mangwa gives them a chance to experience rural life in the Himalayan Kingdom. With the magnificent view of Mt Kanchenjunga and Teesta Valley as the backdrop of the vast orange orchards, Bara Mangwa has ensnared the heart of nature lovers. The name of the picturesque hamlet is derived from the Lepcha's language where Bara Mangwa means 'A big place of finger millet'.

Bara Mangwa Sightseeing

The home few terraced farms, local huts, and many orange orchards, Bara Mangwa is a virgin tourist's eco-friendly destination with tea Gardens, Orange Orchard, Teesta River, and majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga making it the most promising and beautiful eco-tourism destination in Darjeeling. Exclusive remote retreats, with panoramic Himalayan views, tend to make the soul of its visitor fill with giddiness. There are many places around Bara Mangwa that travelers can reach without much hassle. Kalimpong is one such place that is located some 21 kilometers from Bara Mangwa. Then there is Lava, which is located some 46 kilometers and is famous for being the entry point to the Neora Valley National Park.

Activities to Do in and around this Village

Apart from offering some of the awe-inspiring sights of natural Himalayan beauty Bara Mangwa also provide some exciting mountain region activities for its visitor. Trekking and rock climbing are done in abundance and so is river rafting in the roaring river Teesta but if the visitors are not up for soaring through the high tides they can enjoy angling along the bank of the river Teesta which is equally enjoyable. Detox your body and soul while doing some yoga or learn some moves of Martial Art from the center in the Bara Mangwa. Bara Mangwa encourages the growth of sports activities that are quite fun to partake in.

Bara Mangwa is a refuge for all the adventure seekers, in addition to its scenic splendor. Trekking and rock climbing are plentiful, as is river rafting in the Teesta's waters. If you wish to go fishing, the Teesta's waters are equally pleasurable. A Yoga and Martial Art Centre is also available, where you can learn certain martial art methods. Local sports are promoted in the village of Bara Mangwa, and they are highly interesting to participate in.

Stroll through the lush terraced fields while enjoying the view of the remote villages surrounded by pine and rhododendron forests along with orange orchards in Bara Mangwa which is an un-spoilt region of Darjeeling hills. Bara Mangwa is a perfect place to enjoy the untainted Himalayan beauty with the ravishing view of the roaring river Teesta and beautiful snow-capped mountain, far away from the maddening crowd amidst the luscious valley of orange orchards.

Homestay and Resort in Bara Mangwa

Bara Mangwa, being a popular offbeat destination near Darjeeling, offers many homestays and resorts for visitors to stay in. The homestays here are run by the locals and provide all the basic amenities such as free breakfast, western bathrooms, neat and clean rooms, view rooms, electricity for 24 hours, water heaters, and more. TV is present in every room. Most of the homestays and the resorts are also pet and child friendly. The meals provided here come with both veg and non-veg options. Our packages will include the finest accommodation available in the village for our valued guests.

Best Time to Visit Bara Mangwa

The doors of this quaint hamlet are open to its visitor throughout the year but to relish the sight of a valley full of ripped oranges the best time to visit is late November or early December. In fact, throughout these months, the weather will also remain quite soothing and the sky will remain quite clear. As a result, you can enjoy exploring the village quite comfortably and do the outdoor activities you would love to do.

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