Namchi, Sikkim


Planning to visit Namchi and curious to know about the places to visit there? Here, you will be able to know about the must-visit places in Namchi, things to do in Namchi along with the best time to visit, weather, and more. Namchi is a relatively small town and the capital of South Sikkim. Replete with lush green vegetation, daunting hills, several jaw-dropping architectures, and religious sites, Namchi is truly a delight to nature lovers. Moreover, the sweeping view of the Kanchenjunga range makes the tourists crave more. In short, this splendid town is the prime example of culture, diversity, religion, benevolence, and also depicts the munificence of Sikkim.

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Places to Visit in Namchi (At a Glance)

  • Chardham: A religious site for hindus.
  • Samdruptse Hill: The wish fullfilling Hill.
  • Tendong Hill: Known for offering the serene view.
  • Doling Gompa: A Buddhist Monastery just 4 km away from Ravangla.
  • Ngadak Monastery: Known for Jaw-dropping architecture
  • Serdup Choling Monastery: Get lured by the sweeping view of Kanchenjunga

Places to Visit in Namchi (In detail)

Now, have a look about these places to visit in Namchi in detail so that you can make a proper plan to explore all of them.

Solophok Chardham

You will be delighted to visit Slophok Chardham in Namchi which is a temple of one of the mightiest gods of Hindus, Shiva. Nestled on the Solophok Hills, it the most prominent pilgrimage site in the town being visited by countless devotees as well as tourists every year. The entire place is neat and clean and the prime attraction of it is the 26½ m high statue of Lord Shiva in the meditating stance. Apart from the statue of this pilgrimage site, here you will get to see twelve Jyotirlingas and four Dhams namely Badrinath, Jagannath, Dwarka, and Rameshwaram, etc. The serene ambiance and the picturesque setting of this entire site, make this one of the most preferred places to visit in the entire Namchi.

Samdruptse Hill

Not more than 5 km driving distance away, another place to visit near Namchi is Samdruptse Hill. It is also known as the 'wish-fulfilling hill' which is situated at an average altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. A gigantic golden statue of Guru Padmasambhava is a major attraction here. The statue is 45 meters tall and is of Guru Padmasambhava aka Guru Rinpoche who was an Indian Buddhist mystic showering its blessing to Sikkim for over 1,200 years. Due to its high elevation, you will also be delighted to catch the sweeping view of Kanchenjunga along with the luxuriant alpine forest. There is also an ancient legend related to Samdruptse Hill. Some believe that the hill is a point of a dormant volcano and only the prayers are holding it from erupting. In short, this is the place you should surely consider visiting during your trip to Namchi.

Tendong Hill

One cannot resist visiting Tendong Hill too. Not more than 10 km driving distance away from the main town of Namchi, Tendong Hill is blessed with a pictorial landscape and is encompassed by the richness of lush greenery. Just above Damthang, Tendong Hill is a must-visit for visitors who want to spend some quality time amidst nature. From the hill, you will be able to witness a magnificent sight of the daunting slopes of the Southern capital of this Himalayan state. You can trek to Tendong Hill from Namchi and also Damthang town can be the ideal campground for trekking to this breathtaking hill. The surrounding of this hills is full of unique flora and fauna. More than 90 types of vibrant Himalayan birds can be seen flying here which makes it heaven also for bird enthusiasts. The sighting of wild animals including Himalayan Bears, Red Pandas, and Leopards is also common in the surrounding forest area.

Doling Gompa

Also known as Doling Monastery, Doling Gompa is another promising tourist site to visit near Namchi. Situated on a small hillock, Doling Gompa is just around 4 km driving distance away from Ravangla and around 30 km driving distance away from Namchi. Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism is what this monastery follows. The monstery is located at a high elevation and as a result, you will catch a sweeping view of Kanchenjunga and the entire Himalayan range. You will even be captivated by witnessing the beauty of the peasants working on the lush green fields of cardamon. The architecture of the monastery will also make you fall in love with it.

Ngadak Monastery

Not more than 3 km driving distance away from the main town of Namchi, Ngadak Monastery is known for its jaw-dropping architecture. It is one of the oldest Buddhist religious sites in Namchi and was built during the rule of Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal by Tensung Namgyal as the palace for Her Highness Pendi Ongmu. Here a new structure is being built now as the old structure was partially destroyed in the seventeenth century because of the earthquake. Due to its magnificent location, the monstery is the perfect place to connect with nature for peace-seeking tourists.

Serdup Choling Monastery

Another promising Buddhist Monastery in Namchi is Serdup Choling Monastery. The monastery was built in the year 1967 by the quest of late Serdup Dungzin Jigme Wangchuk Rinpoche and late Khachoed Tulku Dudjom Dorjee. From the monastery, the view of Mount Kanchenjunga is quite mesmerizing. Inside the monastery, you will be delighted to witness the three statues of Guru Rinpoche, Santaraksita and Tri Detson.

Things to Do in Namchi (At a Glance)

  • Experience The Bliss of Solophok Chardham
  • Visit to the Peaceful Samdruptse
  • Enjoy the Trekking to Tendong Hill
  • Delve into the Mystic Doling Gompa
  • Get the Thrill of Cable Car Ride at Rock Garden
  • Captivating Ngadak Monastery

Things to Do in Namchi (In Detail)

Here are the things you can do in Namchi while having a great holiday in Sikkim. The most promising ones are as mentioned below.

Experience the Bliss of Solophok Chardham

At the top of Solophok Hill in Namchi, there is a temple complex named Char Dham or Siddhesvara Dham. This tranquil place at this height will bring a heartfelt comfort to your spiritual mind. This temple is named Char Dham because it comprises a collection of replicas of the original Char Dham - Badrinath in Uttarakhand, Puri in Odisha, Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, and Dwarka in Gujarat. There is also a pristine 108 feet statue of Lord Shiva. The soundlessness of this place will leave a serene impression on you.

Visit to the Peaceful Samdruptse

Soothe yourself with the glimpse of the tallest statue of Guru Padmasambhava in the world! This is an enormously erected statue with a height of around 135 feet. This hill is also known as the Wish Fulfilling Hill, as the local people nurture a strong belief that if you pray and convey your wishes to the Guru Padmasambhava, also called Guru Rinpoche, your wishes will be fulfilled. The scenery you will witness from Samdruptse hill is profoundly enchanting and pleasing. From this height, you can also take a view of the town of Namchi. In fact, on a clear and cloudless day, you can even take a view of Mount Kanchendzonga under the azure sky.

Enjoy the Trekking to Tendong Hill

Tendong Hill, covered with a lush green forest, is located above a hamlet, named Damthang. If you are fostering an adventurous self within you, you must trek to this hill from Namchi which is the main base camp for this trekking. Another base camp for this trekking is Damthang town. Tendong Hill is a shelter for Himalayan Bears, Barking Deer, Wild bears, Red Pandas, Leopards, and many animals. The bunch of radiant rhododendrons and magnolias will charm you for sure. The place is so rich in flora and fauna that it is a part of the proposed State Biodiversity Park of Tendong.

Delve into the Mystic Doling Gompa

Doling Gompa is another attractive destination for those who love adventures and explorations. Doling Gompa is located in a small village, named Barfung. The place is near Ravangla, another beautiful destination for spending vacations. Here you will see the footprint of Dorje Lingpa which is installed inside the Mani Lhakhang. You will also witness the stone images of the Manjushri, Vajrapani, and Dorje Lingpa. These statues have been sculpted by Dorje Lingpa himself.

Get the Thrill of Cable Car Ride at Rock Garden

Riding cable cars is always thrilling. Especially, when you are riding over a vast green hilly landscape, you will inevitably experience goosebumps. So, your visit to Namchi will not be fulfilled until you experience the cable car ride that will start from the Rock Garden and end at Samdruptse hill. During this 15-minute journey, you will be offered a wonderful panoramic visual treat. The view of the snow-capped Kanchendzonga and its glittering peaks, the verdant slopes of hills, and numerous shades of green will refresh your tired soul and rejuvenate your life.

Explore the Captivating Ngadak Monastery

There is another charming monastery, named Ngadak Monastery, located near Namchi. The word Ngadak means Promise, as the local folks say that if you once visit the monastery, you should promise to visit it again. The history of this ancient monastery lies during the reign of Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal. With the progression of time, the walls of this monastery have been damaged. But the place has not lost its glory. This is the exact place for you if you are seeking some peace in your life. The tranquillity of this place will give you an ambiance for meditation.

Best Time to Visit Namchi

Namchi is worth visiting at any time of the year. However, the most promising time to visit this beautiful town is during the months of March to May. The temperature stays quite pleasing and the view of the surrounding also remains quite stunning. Again, you can visit Namchi during the months of September to November.

F.A.Q about Namchi, Sikkim

Q. Is there enough accommodation for tourists in Namchi?
Yes. In the last few years, Namchi tourism has developed a lot. There are abundant homestays and hotels for the tourists in Namchi.
Q. How can I reach there from Siliguri?
Namchi Nacho is very close to Siliguri. The distance is only about 90 km. You can begin your journey from NJP or Bagdogra by car and you will reach there within 3 hours. The entire journey is incredibly beautiful.
Q.Can I see Kanchendzonga from Namchi?
Of course, you can. Since Namchi is in South Sikkim, Kanchendzonga is easily visible from here.
Q.What is the meaning of the name Namchi?
The name Namchi means Sky High.
Q.Can I go to Namchi from Gangtok?
The distance between Gangtok and Namchi is only 78 km. If you want to reach Namchi from Gangtok, you can easily go there by car, enjoying the scenic route.
Q.Are there any good restaurants for dinner or lunch?
In Namchi, you will find many options of restaurants to have breakfast, dinner, and lunch.
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