Thimphu, Bhutan


Thimphu, often called Thimpu, is the capital of Bhutan. It is located in the central part of the country. Bhutan's capital, Thimphu, has been a picturesque city since 1951. Thimphu has become one of the must-visit tourist destinations due to its attractive sightseeing locations, which are surrounded by tall mountains and a sparkling stream known as Thimphu Chu. Thimphu has drawn visitors from all over the world due to its picturesque beauty and traffic-free highways. In Thimphu, adorn the flawless blend of indigenous Bhutanese culture and modern heritage while being enchanted by the surreal beauty of the capital city's splendid tourist attractions. Here are the best places to visit in Thimpu and the most popular activities to do in this city.

Places to Visit in Thimphu List

  • Folk Heritage Museum
  • Trashi Chho Dzong
  • Motithang Taking Preserve
  • National Memorial Chorten
  • National Library of Bhutan
  • Buddha Dordenma

Places to Visit in Thimphu

There are lots of places to visit in Thimphu. As a tourist, you will be delighted to explore the monasteries, forest reserves, libraries, museums, and more.

Folk Heritage Museum

One of the best places to visit in Thimphu is undoubtedly the National Folk Heritage Museum. It is a must-see tourist attraction for everyone interested in learning about indigenous Bhutanese culture's traditional and ethical values. Learn about Bhutanese people's traditional way of life and see 17th-century home goods and farming equipment. In short, you would love to explore this tourist site.

Trashi Chho Dzong

Trashi Chho Dzong is one of the splendid monasteries in Bhutan. If it is not included in your Bhutan tour itinerary, your Thimphu sightseeing tour would be incomplete. Many tourists came to Thimpu to see the monastery's beautiful whitewashed walls and crimson roofs. The original Dzong of the monastery was destroyed by fire almost 5 times in the recent past. It was last constructed by the honorable King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk in the year 1962.

Motithang Taking Preserve

The Takin is Bhutan's national animal. It resembles a mix between a cow and a goat. It is one of the best places to visit in Thimphu. According to legend, the animal was created by the great Buddhist yogi Drupa Kunley and can only be found in Bhutan and the surrounding territories. In this preserve, this unique animal can be seen in abundance.

National Memorial Chorten

National Memorial Chorten also falls under one of the best places to visit in Thimphu. One of Thimphu's tallest monuments is the Memorial Chorten, also known as Thimphu Chorten. The Stupa, which is located in the city's southern central district of Doeboom Lam, attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent architecture. The Chorten, with its magnificent art work, wall carvings, and sculptures, is a location where you will be delighted to witness all these. This old landmark celebrates Buddhist culture and is a wonderful spot to roam about while taking in the atmosphere.

National Library of Bhutan

The National Library of Bhutan was opened in 1967 in the center of Thimphu, houses Bhutan's national archives as well as Tibetan and Bhutanese writings and manuscripts. On the wall are photo frames depicting historical events, which are also pretty fascinating. The atmosphere is peaceful, and you can lose yourself in reading about Bhutanese history.

Tango Monastery

Tango Monastery adds to one's vacation experience with its tranquil atmosphere and charming surroundings, in keeping with the Bhutanese tradition of valuing spirituality over flashy appearances. The Tango Monastery is a famous Buddhist learning center in Bhutan, located near the Cheri Mountains in Thimphu. The one-hour trek to the monastery's summit is well worth it as it provides an excellent visual treat to the eyes.

Buddha Dordenma

The Buddha Dordenma statue is the most outstanding attraction in Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city. It is nestled in the 100-acre woodland Kuenselphodrang Park. The short trip to the Buddha Dordenma statue will take you 300 feet above Thimphu on a hilltop. The 169-foot-tall monument rests atop a lotus over a meditation chamber that is truly jaw-dropping to behold. It's composed of bronze with a gold coating to represent indestructibility. Buddha's right hand sits on his right knee in the statue, and his left-hand holds an offering bowl.

Things to Do in Thimphu List

  • Know Bhutan's History at National Library
  • Visit Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory
  • Hike to Tango Monastery
  • Hike to Tango Monastery
  • Explore the Wildlife of Motithang Takin Preserve
  • Short Excursion to Dochula Pass

Things to Do in Thimphu

Thimphu, being the capital city of Bhutan, offers lots of activities to do for the tourist. The most popular things to do in Thimphu are as mentioned below.

Know Bhutan's History at National Library

The history of the Last Himalayan Kingdom is exceedingly rich and varied. Though modernity is progressively encroaching on this small landlocked country, the authentic essence of its past can still be felt in every facet of life! To get to know about Bhutan's culture and the ancient past, you need to go to Thimphu's National Library. Though the library began with a small collection of books, it now has a large collection of books and literary works that celebrate Bhutan's golden heritage. A visit to the National Library, one of the most interesting things to do in Thimphu.

Visit Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory

One of the best things you can do in Thimphu is to visit Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory. This paper factory is one of the finest in the country and specializes in the creation of Deh-sho, a traditional Bhutanese paper. Instead of using a modern process, the makers use an old, traditional way to make paper from dekap trees. Tourists come here to see a live demonstration of the traditional papermaking process. They also like using the factory's distinctive tools. The traditional Bhutanese paper is also available for purchase.

Hike to Tango Monastery

Bhutan, a place where the hills and the plains share a love affair and throw a beautiful spell on tourists! Hiking is regarded as one of the most fascinating activities to do in Thimphu because of the diverse landscape. A climb to the Tango Buddhist Institute will provide a great experience for new hikers. This institute, which is around 14 kilometers from the city center, was created in the 13th century by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa. Visitors should take a half-day hike through Thimphu Valley's mountainous regions, alpine woodlands, and gorgeous vicinities to reach this holy location.

Explore the Wildlife of Motithang Takin Preserve

Going to Motithang Takin Preserve to spend time with Takins is one of the most interesting things to do in Thimphu. The Takin is said to have been made from a goat's head and a cow's body by a mad saint. This unusual animal holds a particular position in Bhutanese tradition. The Motithang Takin Preserve is home to takins as well as barking deers and sambars. The location is frequently visited by wildlife and nature enthusiasts who come to observe the animals and take photographs of them.

Short Excursion to Dochula Pass

Although Dochula is a 40-minute journey from Thimphu, it is well worth the trip. There are 108 chortens on the site. They were created in commemoration of martyrs who battled against the militants in 2003. The sight, combined with the breathtaking mountain vistas, will give you goosebumps. Locals and tourists alike come to enjoy a picnic at this renowned location.

Go for Shopping

This is a huge event in the lives of Thimphu residents and one of the most enjoyable things to do in Thimphu. Sellers arrive in the city on Thursday evening and leave late on Sunday. There are a variety of Bhutanese delicacies available here, including homemade cheese and dried fish, which you must sample if you are passionate about local food. With the numerous native incense sticks and enormous cubes of superb saffron used for pilgrims, shopping in Thimphu does not get any better.

Best Time to Visit Thimphu

The greatest time to visit Thimphu is in the spring and then again in early summer (between March and early May). Thimphu, which is located in the Raidak River valley, is known for its fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. In Thimphu, the weather alternates between wet and dry seasons. The temperature of the city, which is surrounded by hills, varies according to the weather on the hills. Thimphu is surrounded by a thin layer of forest in the picturesque valley. The whole city has a subtropical highland climate throughout the summer months which make the weather quite blissful.

Some F.A.Qs about Thimphu Tour

Q. What is Thimphu famous for?
Thimphu is famous for its splendid monasteries, national parks, museums, libraries, and many other tourist attractions.
Q. Is Thimphu worth visiting?
Thimphu is undeniably the worth visiting tourist destination in Bhutan that offers to see lots of attractive sites and also lets you enjoy many activities.
Q. How to reach Thimphu from Siliguri?
Thimphu can be reached from Siliguri by car. It would take around 8 hours to cover the approximate distance of 300 km.
Q. What are the best places to visit in this city?
The best places to visit in this city are Trashi Chho Dzong, Tango Monastery, Memorial Chorten, National Library of Bhutan, Motithang Takin Preserve, Dochula Pass, Folk Heritage Museum, etc.
Q. What are the top things the top do in this city?
The top things to do in this city are shopping, visiting the monasteries, libraries and more.
Q. How is the weather in this city?
The weather in this city is quite pleasant. Because of its high altitude, the temperature stays on the cooler side.
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